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What is a Funeral Plan?

Funeral plans are where we write down all your wishes for your funeral and any other important instructions you want your loved ones to know about in the event of your death.  We cannot express enough what a help and difference it makes to families, allowing them to grieve without worry.  A copy of the completed instructions (which can be changed if required in the future), are kept in our files with copies for you to give to the relevant family member/executor or solicitor.  It is not ‘tempting fate’, it is doing the best for your family.

Prepaid plans are paid for either in instalments or a lump sum before the event of your death, this option is a good way of saving money, as the amount agreed when arranging the plan is the amount paid at the time of death.

Pre-Arranged plans are paid using money left in the estate following death, while the plan is made and filed at the time of arranging.

Important things you should know about Funeral Plans before making the decision

People are being bombarded with information on funeral plans – from adverts on the tv and papers, leaflets through doors and even ‘cold callers’ and insurance company sales people  - assigning your life insurance to a funeral plan provider being one of  the most common pieces of  advice given by these ‘experts’.  It is all very confusing and we have many calls each week asking for advice.

The Most Important Advice We Can Give Is …


·         Check that the plan provider is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority

·         Check that all payments other than an administration fee go into the companies Trust Fund

·         Make sure that your plan is fully guaranteed and if not how much is contributed to third party costs

·         Check how much it would cost to cancel the funeral plan if you needed to (ours cost nothing to cancel) some can cost from £95.00 up to 25 per cent of what you have paid. We believe this is not acceptable


Why it is best to talk to the local funeral director of your choice before considering the purchase of a plan

The general principle of a funeral plan is that your funeral is paid for at today’s prices with nothing more to pay at the time of the funeral.  However, some funeral plans often sold by people other than a reputable Funeral Director, only provide a contribution towards things, such as third party costs.  These include things like the charges made by crematoriums, cemeteries and ministers - in fact all payments made to other people on your behalf. This can be a problem because these costs rise faster than the actual funeral directors charges. 

If you would like some free, friendly and truthful advice on a new or existing funeral plan, contact us when we can make an appointment to explain the best option for you. 

(Not everyone is even suited to a plan!!!) 

We promise to do the best for you.